A family-oriented, fun, safe working environment

Working for Us

There are plenty of reasons why working for Foleys is a great idea. We've tried to list as many as we can below:

  • We are a progressive & innovative company that is constantly exploring opportunities for growth
  • We are 100% owned by staff & are continually providing opportunities for staff who wish to progress their career
  • We operate under a set of core value, that we really believe in
  • We are active socially. Our social activities are fun, competitive, build camaraderie & make for good conversation at 'smoko time'
  • We pay all course costs for apprentices employed by us


  • A thorough induction process that makes new staff feel welcome & supported
  • A varied & interesting range of work
  • A career path that suits you.  Being a large company there are plenty of opportunities for staff that wish to progress into other areas of the business or other branches.
  • Competitive pay rates
  • A fully-funded opportunity every year for a staff member to attend Outward Bound


Our Health & Safety management system is based on ISO 4801, which is reviewed annually to ensure standards are being maintained.  All our tradespeople are Sitesafe approved & first aid trained.  We also hold regular health & safety training sessions.


As recognised leaders in training, we look after our apprentices - taking an active interest in each tradesperson's progress.


  • Polytechnic fee payments (providing you pass their courses & commit to Foleys for 2 years after completing your training)
  • A wide range of experience that few other employers can match
  • A career path that suits your skills and ambitions
  • To be up-skilled regularly with new product & technical training
  • Regular debriefing meetings to provide feedback
  • On-site visits to ensure work is up to the ‘Foleys Standard’ & to extend knowledge
  • Technical expertise where & when required
  • Documentation of training & experience that is regularly reviewed

Your Manager will be your main contact for your training & will ensure:

  • Training & practical experience is relevant to the assignments
  • Polytechnic visits are scheduled
  • Assignments are in on time
  • Revision sessions are held for trade examinations

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We believe that length of service is a great indication of loyalty, so we're very proud that over ten percent of our team have been with us for more than 10 years. 

Length of service Number of staff 
10 years 17
15 years 5
20 years 1
25 years 3
30 years 2
35 years 3
40+ years 1


Every 2 years we survey everyone at Foley's to gauge where we are at.  87% of our staff participated in our 2020 survey.

What were we most proud of?

89% of our staff would recommend Foleys as a great place to work!

85% of our employees feel their job & future at Foley's is secure

90% agree that Foleys supports their wellbeing

Have we convinced you yet?


Our company ethos, first developed by Albert Foley in 1934, lives on today, along with our strong core values:

Be Family & Team Oriented

Respect each other, work together, look out for one another. 
Be cooperative, support & respect colleagues while maintaining trust.
Maintain consistency & professionalism when dealing with all staff.
Actively participate as a member of the team to support the team towards meeting goals.

Have an Open Sense of Humour

Be able to laugh at yourself & encourage camaraderie within the team.
Be good-humoured as appropriate.
Be positive.

Be Conscious of Presentation

Uphold the Foleys reputation at all times.
Take pride in your personal appearance (look professional), be respectful of customers & perform work to the high ‘Foleys’ standard.

Be Timely, Organised & Structured in your Work

Have tidy work practices.
Be professional.
Observe confidentiality & discretion.

Always be Responsible

Take responsibility for your own actions & own your role within the company.
Follow through on all parts of the role.
Ensure detailed review & accurate analysis where required.
Actively problem solve & come back with time practical solutions.
Receive direction & feedback positively & professionally.

Say What You Think (With Respect)

Have excellent rapport with customers & colleagues.
Be willing to communicate ideas.
Have the courage to tell the truth (in a way that is helpful & constructive).

Be Prepared to go the Extra Mile

Demonstrate a high work ethic.
Be willing to make a special effort to complete tasks, meet deadlines & fulfil duties.