Foley - Health and Safety is our first priority

Foley - Health and Safety is our first priorityHealth and Safety is the first priority in all we do, our health and safety is led by Michelle Muir. Foleys is tertiary qualified with ACC, all tradesmen are Sitesafe approved and first aid trained.

Having the highest rating with ACC gives property owners the peace of mind that our tradesmen will be compliant with all the relevant health and safety requirements.

We operate 9 cardinal rules:

1. I will only operate equipment I am trained for
2. I will follow hazard ID procedure
    a: job cards
    b: iPad audits
    c: SSSP
3. I will follow confined space procedures
4. I will follow working at height procedures
5. I will wear PPE equipment
6. I will report injuries and near misses
7. I will only use correctly tagged electrical equipment
8. I will follow excavation procedures
9. I will follow isolation procedures