Water Usage Health Check

We can do a water usage health check for you *.

$99 excl GST

Book your health check

If you have no leaks, we will also provide suggestions to help reduce water
usage such as:

  • Flow restrictors on Basin/Kitchen/Laundry tapware & showers
  • Check your toilets for dual flushing mechanisms & ensure they are working correctly
  • Check your Hot Water Cylinder valves & pipework
  • Provide options around garden watering (for example, timed watering
    devices/collection & storage of rainwater for garden watering)

If we do discover a leak, we can efficiently & accurately find it & repair it for you!

NEW leak detection system available

We are able to offer our leak detection equipment, the only one of its type in Christchurch with great success rates, to much more accurately & efficiently find your leak. This is $250 + the time involved for Acoustic and/or tracer Gas Detection solutions.

* You must have an accessible water meter & isolation valve for your property. 

Check out our Water Saving Tips below or watch the video:

  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth & shaving
  • Only use your washing machine & dishwasher when they're full
  • Install low flow shower heads & tapware (we can help with this!)
  • Install a toilet with dual flushing (we can help with this!)
  • Have shorter showers
  • Water your garden in the early morning or evening
  • Use a compost bin instead of your insinkerator (we can help with
    removing your insinkerator)