Brian Foley the Christmas Fairy - 23rd Dec 2014

The young father of two was counting his blessings on Sunday, when the handbrake of his Isuzu Bighorn failed and the vehicle rolled down his Caversham, Dunedin, driveway and flipped, with his daughters Mikaela (5) and Jasmine (7) inside.

The girls escaped with only minor injuries, and adding to his luck was Good Samaritan Brian Foley, who donated a vehicle to Mr Rankin.

''I thought: `Poor bugger. He's got two children, it's Christmas, he might be going away on holiday or doing something, and he's got no car'.''

Part of Brian's decision to help was inspired by a man who showed him similar generosity.

''A long time ago, someone gave me an old vintage Rover car, and I couldn't believe the generosity. I suppose what comes around, goes around.''

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