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At Foleys, we truly believe in delivering exceptional plumbing, electrical, and building services to all our customers. Whether you need help in your home or business, we’ve got you covered.

Our expertise is nationally backed, and locally delivered. Since 1934, we have established a network of branches across the North and South Island, providing a full range of residential and commercial building services. Find out more about how we can help you below:

Our Services


Repairing a leaky tap, plumbing a new house, regular maintenance, and everything in between. Our team of expert plumbers can help. Read more...


When your home, building, or business needs electrical work done, our licenced electricians can help you out. Read more...


Our gasfitters install, service, and repair gas-powered appliances, including central heating, hot water, gas heaters, hobs and ovens. Read more...


Our expert drainlayers are highly experienced at clearing, jetting, and repairing drains. We do video inspections, drainage installation, and alteration. Read more...


We offer professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions for a result that best suits your home or premises. Read more...

Pre-purchase Inspections

If you would like an inspection of your home or business we can provide a thorough written report. Available for plumbing, electrical and drainage. Read more...

Water Leak Detection

If you have usually high water usage, bills, or a drop in water pressure, our Christchurch branch offer our excusive leak detection equipment. Read more...

Water Filters

Our team can fully supply, install, repair, and service any commercial or domestic water filters. Once installed we’ll contact you when you need a service or replacement. Read more...


We install new backflow prevention devices, repair existing devices, and perform annual testing to ensure compliance for your home or business. Read more...

Design and Build Services

We design and build complete hydraulic systems for any commercial or residential project. Our team of designers are licenced professionals who have consulted on projects for many years. Read more...

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