Skellerup Industries

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Skellerup Industries

15 June 2016

Skellerup, a 105-year-old industrial and agricultural rubber product manufacturer based in Christchurch, embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its facilities. The project aimed at upgrading their existing infrastructure, encompassing a new distribution centre, separate moulding and industrial halls, as well as an office and civil works, spanning an impressive 18,900m². Given Skellerup's significant contribution to global agriculture, particularly in producing approximately 75% of the world's milk teats, the project held unique challenges and requirements.

Project Objectives

The primary objective was to optimise Skellerup's manufacturing process and warehouse distribution, consolidating all services under one roof for a streamlined workflow. This involved enhancing production efficiency while minimising manual tasks through intelligent design and facility upgrades. Additionally, the project aimed to enhance safety measures and improve infrastructure accessibility, including roadways and other amenities.

Foleys' scope of work included designing and installing the plumbing, drainage, and process services for the base build of Skellerup's upgraded facility. This involved collaboration with the main contractor, Calder Stewart, and other subcontractors to ensure the seamless integration of services with the overall construction. The project goals were centred around delivering a sustainable, efficient, and long-lasting building that met Skellerup's operational needs.

Foleys Services and Solutions

Foleys provided a range of services essential for the project's success, including design/build solutions encompassing drainage, plumbing, and gasfitting installations. This included the design and installation of various systems such as sewer, stormwater, and trade waste management, as well as potable water supply and fire main reticulation. Additionally, we managed process services such as compressed air and vacuum pipework, ensuring the smooth operation of Skellerup's manufacturing processes.

Foleys played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of the project by providing comprehensive design and build solutions tailored to Skellerup's specific needs. Engaging early in the project allowed us to collaborate closely with the main contractor, Calder Stewart, and other subcontractors, ensuring seamless integration of drainage, plumbing, and gasfitting systems. Our expertise addressed technical challenges, such as designing pipework layouts for optimal functionality and accessibility, ultimately delivering a sustainable building aligned with Skellerup's long-term goals.

Results and Outcomes

Foleys tackled various technical challenges to meet Skellerup's requirements. This included designing systems to balance flows, accommodate unique processing needs, and ensure efficient maintenance and accessibility. Solutions were devised for rainwater management, installation of large-scale equipment, and integration of diverse utility systems to support Skellerup's manufacturing processes.

The project resulted in the successful construction of a sustainable and efficient manufacturing facility for Skellerup. The collaboration between Foleys, Calder Stewart, and other stakeholders ensured that the building met all operational requirements while maintaining high standards of quality and safety. Skellerup experienced an increase in production capacity and efficiency, exceeding their initial expectations.

Value and Benefits Added by Foleys

Foleys added value to the project by providing innovative design solutions, cost-effective installations, and efficient project management. By taking on the responsibility of designing and implementing essential services, we helped streamline the construction process and ensure timely completion of the project. The collaborative approach and commitment to quality assurance contributed to the overall success of the project.

Contractor Relationship Management

Foleys' approach to relationship management emphasised transparency, open communication, and a commitment to delivering on promises. By clearly defining project scope and taking pride in their workmanship, we fostered trust and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle. Our early engagement facilitated value engineering and innovative problem-solving, ensuring the project met Skellerup's unique requirements while exceeding expectations in quality and efficiency.


The successful collaboration between Skellerup, Calder Stewart, and Foleys highlights the efficacy of strategic partnerships in executing complex industrial projects. Foley's invaluable contributions as a subcontractor underscored the importance of specialised expertise and seamless integration in achieving project objectives. Together, these partnerships exemplify how shared vision, expertise, and effective communication can drive transformative change and pave the way for future success in the industrial sector.