Te Pae - Christchurch Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Te Pae - Christchurch Convention and Exhibition Centre

09 May 2023

Te Pae, Christchurch's premier convention and exhibition centre, stands as a symbol of the city's revitalisation efforts. Owned and delivered by Rau Paenga (formerly known as Ōtākaro), this $450 million facility boasts state-of-the-art amenities, including a 1400-seat auditorium, a 2800m2 exhibition hall, and 24 meeting rooms. Foleys' involvement in this landmark project began in 2016, initially securing the contract for inground services, including drainage, sewer, stormwater, and fire hydrant installations.

Project Goals

The client's vision was to create a cutting-edge facility that would serve as a focal point for conventions, exhibitions, meetings, and functions in Christchurch. Additionally, Te Pae aimed to prioritise resilience against earthquakes and civil defence requirements while embracing sustainability principles, earning a Green Star rating. Foleys' task was to ensure the timely completion of our portion of the project, despite significant delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Foleys Services and Solutions

Foleys provided a comprehensive range of services, including plumbing, drainage, gasfitting, and design review. We also installed Siphonic roof drainage system and backflow prevention devices, ensuring both potable and non-potable water requirements were met. Through meticulous planning and execution, Foleys added significant value by uncovering critical issues and providing innovative solutions to safeguard Te Pae's long-term operational integrity.

With the initial plumbing contractor failing to fill its contractual duties, Foleys were faced with the challenge of catching up to the project schedule, Foleys deployed a team of 15 workers to expedite the installation of hydraulic services. Our expertise was crucial in rectifying design flaws and addressing unresolved issues. Notable innovations included the implementation of e-water cleaning and sanitising systems, a first in New Zealand, showcasing Foleys' commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Value Added by Foleys

Foleys added value by identifying and addressing critical issues early in the project, thus preventing potential problems once the building became operational. Their collaborative approach and problem-solving mindset ensured successful project delivery despite the challenges encountered.

Relationship Management

Despite facing challenges such as incomplete designs and subcontractor delays, Foleys maintained a transparent and collaborative approach with all stakeholders. Our proactive problem-solving and commitment to delivering results earned accolades from the client, demonstrating their reliability and trustworthiness as a partner. The successful completion of Te Pae's Hydraulic services showcased Foleys' ability to adapt to evolving project needs and contribute to the success of large-scale infrastructure projects.


Foleys work on this project exemplifies the power of expertise, innovation, and collaborative partnership in delivering complex infrastructure projects. Through our dedication to excellence and proactive problem-solving approach, Foleys not only addressed critical challenges but also added significant value to the project. As Te Pae continues to serve as a beacon of Christchurch's regeneration, Foleys' contribution stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results in the face of adversity.