Learn the tools of the trade from the best in the trade

As recognised leaders in training Foleys looks after their apprentices - taking an active interest in each individual's progress.

Here's what you can expect if you train under the Foleys family:

  • Polytechnic fee payments (providing you pass their courses and commit to Foleys for 2 years after completing your training)
  • A wide range of experience that few other employers can match
  • A career path that suits your skills and ambitions
  • To be up-skilled regularly with new product and technical training
  • Regular debriefing meetings to provide feedback
  • On-site visits to ensure work is up to the ‘Foley Standard’ and to extend knowledge
  • Technical expertise where and when required
  • Documentation of training and experience that is regularly reviewed

The main liaison for trainees is our Service Manager, Garry Mason.  Garry is in charge of ensuring the following: 
  • Training and practical experience is relevant to the assignments
  • Polytechnic visits are scheduled
  • Assignments are in on time
  • Revision sessions are held for trade examinations

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In 2005 Master Plumbers Association named Foleys as Training Leader of the Year.

Foleys apprentices have also won the Top Apprentice Award on numerous occasions.